Win a FREE Set of Wilson Hollow Core Pro

As I mentioned in a post a couple of days ago, I received a free set of Wilson Hollow Core Pro from Wilson (through my United States Racquet Stringers Association Membership).  Normally, I playtest the free samples I receive, or I give them to my local stringing clients to playtest for free.  This time, however, I am going to give this set away for FREE to one of you…  my loyal Inspired Tennis blog readers.

To win this free set of Wilson Hollow Core Pro – which I will ship directly to your door (or mailbox) – I’ll ask you to post a comment below telling me:

1.  How You Help Spread the Word About Inspired Tennis
Tell me all the ways you share Inspired Tennis with your tennis playing and/or racquet stringing friends.  (If you haven’t shared Inspired Tennis with your friends yet, start now – and tell me about it.)  Here are some tips to get you started…
Share my videos through YouTube (
Follow Inspired Tennis on Twitter (
Re-tweet Inspired Tennis’ tweets
“Like” Inspired Tennis on Facebook (
Suggest that your friends “like” Inspired Tennis on Facebook
Email your friends about Inspired Tennis
And so on.

2.  A Tennis Joke
I like to laugh, so…  Dig in the archives or make something up.  Just tell me a tennis related joke!  Here’s one to get you started…
A guy walks into visit his doctor, and he happens to be wearing tennis shorts.  In one of the front pockets, he had a tennis ball (that he forgot to remove from his match earlier that morning).  When the doctor walked in and saw the bulge in his patient’s shorts, he said, “What is that?”  To which the guy replied, “Tennis ball.”  “Wow”, said the doctor, “that must hurt alot worse than tennis elbow”.  (Courtesy of my father, Dale Henry)

Ok…  go ahead.  Start posting your comments.  Next Monday night, I’ll review all comments and pick a winner.  The winner will be the person who helped promote Inspired Tennis the most AND who told the funniest joke.  (If no jokes, then the winner will be whoever helped promote Inspired Tennis the most.  If no promotion, the winner will be whoever told the funniest joke.)  I’ll be the sole judge of this contest.  (Ok – I’ll probably involve my wife and kids – so keep the jokes clean.  :-))

Thanks in advance for partcipating in this little contest and as always…

Thanks for checking in.


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  1. martin says:

    i retweeted some of my favorite articles from your site on my twitter @martin8768

    i sadly, don’t have any tennis jokes though.

  2. David Henry says:

    Thanks Martin! Much appreciated. No worries about the joke. 🙂 So far, you’re in first place for winning the set of Hollow Core Pro. 🙂

    Take care.


  3. Allen says:

    1. The sport of choice for unemployed or incarcerated people is: basketball.
    2. The sport of choice for maintenance level employees is: bowling.
    3. The sport of choice for blue-collar workers is: football.
    4. The sport of choice for supervisors is: baseball.
    5. The sport of choice for middle management is: tennis.
    6. The sport of choice for corporate officers is: golf.

    Conclusion: The higher you rise in the corporate structure, the smaller your balls become.


    How many tennis players does it take to screw in a light bulb?

    “What do you mean it was out, it was in!!!”

  4. David Henry says:

    Thanks Allen! Love ’em! You’re in the running.

    Take care.


  5. martin says:

    hahaha i like the small balls joke i will tell that to all my golf buddies

  6. David Henry says:

    Martin – Thanks for the retweets. What is your address? I’ll mail you the set of Wilson Hollow Core Pro. If you want to email me, send your address to

  7. David Henry says:

    Hey Allen. I awarded Martin the set of Wilson Hollow Core Pro for his promotion of Inspired Tennis. But… I loved your joke and want to send you a free set of Polystar Energy. Please email me your physical address, and I’ll ship the set to you.

  8. bunkerbuster says:

    I love a good rally, so was pleased to be fortunate enough to marry a former player on the WTA tour. I was a little less pleased, though, with what she said shortly after the wedding was consummated. “New balls, please.”

  9. David Henry says:

    Hey Bunkerbuster. Welcome to Inspired Tennis and thanks for the joke. The free string contest is over, but I still appreciate you sharing the joke. That is a good one that I haven’t heard previously.

    Take care.


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