New String: Wilson Hollow Core Pro

Another set of free string arrived today – thanks to Wilson and the United States Racquet Stringers Association. 

 Today’s arrival was the new Wilson Hollow Core Pro.

Wilson Hollow Core Pro Tennis String

Improving on Wilson’s original version of Hollow Core (which was introduced about a year or so ago), Hollow Core Pro has the following characteristics according to the USRSA’s Greg Raven (in a “String Playtest” Review from the May 2010 issue of RSi Magazine):

Hollow Core Pro is an innovative nylon and polyester multifilament from Wilson.  Instead of a round solid core, Hollow Core Pro has an air-filled, hollow triangle-shaped polyester core.  According to Wilson, this hollow core is what gives the string its unique playing properties.  The hollow core lends exceptional shock absorbtion, and the triangular shape of the core gives the string added strength.  Around the triangular core are wrapped high-elasticity microfibers of nylon and fluorocarbon for increased performance and comfort.  Hollow Core Pro is coated for ease of installation.

As the packaging reads, Hollow Core Pro provides “Incredible Touch and Ball Feel”.  Therefore, it is probably ideally suited for players who like to have “incredible touch” on volleys and finesse shots, for players who have tennis elbow/arm problems, and for players looking to soften up the stringbed in a poly hybrid.

It sells for $12.95 per set at most of the larger online tennis retailers, but I know a way you can get a set for free…  In the coming days, I will be giving away my set.  Details to come soon – please check back.

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