Racquet Stringing

Stringing Machine
All stringing is conducted on a state-of-the-art, high-end, professional stringing machine.  My SAM Pro-Master is arguably one of the best stringing machines on the market.  This is the same type of stringing machine that was used by the Wilson Professional Stringing Team at pro tour events throughout the world in 2006, 2007, and 2008 – including the 2006 and 2007 U.S. Opens.  Featuring an electronic, constant-pull linear gripper with Diablo nosecone and a rock-solid turntable with a six-point mounting system, this machine is a pleasure on which to string and allows me to consistently produce high-quality stringjobs for my clients.

To ensure the highest quality stringjobs, I am meticulous about machine maintenance.  Despite automatic self-calibration every time my machine is turned on, I manually check the tension on my machine at least once a week.  Additionally, I clean the clamps and string gripper approximately twice a week.  (Due to the delicate nature of natural gut, I clean the clamps and gripper before every natural gut stringjob.)

I carry an extensive inventory of string – many different types and brands – in order to meet the needs and playing styles of my clients.  I carry well-known brands like Luxilon, Babolat, Prince, Wilson, and Tecnifibre.  Additionally, I carry many lesser-known yet still high-quality strings as well – strings like Pacific, Kirschbaum, and PolyStar.  I live approximately thirty miles away from one of the largest online tennis retailers, Midwest Sports, and therefore, can have just about any brand/type of string in stock within 48 hours.

Per Racquet Labor Rate:  $14.00
String Price:  Varies based on brand/type of string 

Unlike many tennis specialty shops, sporting goods stores, and tennis clubs, I do not mark up my strings.  I simply charge you what I pay for them – which is the current published retail prices at Midwest Sports (which are usually the lowest retail prices anywhere).

If you prefer to supply your own string, no worries –  I’ll gladly string it for you at my standard labor rate.

As a member of the United States Racquet Stringers Association (USRSA) and an extensive network of professional stringers throughout the world, I often receive free string samples.  Since these samples are free to me, I like to pass on the savings to you.  If you are interested in trying new strings or simply want to save a few dollars, ask me about free string samples.

Long Distance Stringing – Coming Soon

Detailed Customer Records
I developed my own custom database to track every detail of every stringjob.  I provide you with a Racquet Specifications Sheet after every stringjob, but if you ever have any questions about a stringjob (current or past), just contact me – I’ll have the answers for you.  The following are data points I collect and store for every stringjob:
Date of Stringjob
Serial Number of Racquet Strung
Type of String in the Mains (Brand, Type, Gauge, and Color)
Type of String in the Crosses (Brand, Type, Gauge, and Color)
Tension of Mains
Tension of Crosses
Stringing Method (One-Piece Traditional, One-Piece ATW, or Two-Piece)
Stringbed Dynamic Tension (DT)
Special Notes

Professional Poly Bag
Every freshly strung racquet is placed in a professional style poly bag, and the Racquet Specifications Sheet is rubber-banded to the grip.  (See post entitled “New:  Poly Bags for All Stringjobs”)