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Victory Racquet Sports Tennis Strings

Tweet If you’ve been following Inspired Tennis for a while, you know that one of my favorite activities is announcing new string brands and new strings and introducing them to you, and that is exactly what I get to do in the video below.  The brand is called Victory Racquet Sports, and the strings are […]

Genesis Typhoon Tennis String – Now in 16 Gauge

Tweet When Genesis contacted me last week and asked me to announce a new gauge for Typhoon, I was thrilled…  I have always been extremely fond of Genesis’ strings and have always enjoyed working with the guys at Genesis.  They have always been very supportive of Inspired Tennis, and I am always happy to support […]

Your Chance to Play-Test a New Tennis String from Tier One Sports

Tweet As you may remember, a few months ago, I introduced a new string brand called Tier One Sports and provided string overview videos for two of their strings… Triumph (multi) and Tour Status (co-poly). Now, I get the pleasure of announcing a cool play-test opportunity for one of their new co-poly strings. If you […]

Luxilon 4G Tennis String

Tweet The most talked about, most “buzzed” about tennis string of 2012 was, without a doubt, Luxilon 4G. In the following video, I provide a thorough overview about 4G and explain some of the reasons for its popularity. Check it out and learn if 4G might be a string you’d like to playtest. Thanks for […]

Still In Black PROTECT Tennis String

Tweet Last December, I had the pleasure of introducing a new string brand called Still In Black.  Now…  I have the pleasure of introducing two new strings from Still In Black – PROTECT and BLACK ‘N ONE.  Check out the following video to learn more… Thanks for checking in. DH Related Posts: Still In Black […]

Tier One Tour Status Tennis String

Tweet In the following video, I announce another new string from Tier One called Tour Status – one of their high-performance co-poly strings.  In case you missed it, I recently announced the brand, Tier One, and gave an overview of their premium multifilament string, Triumph.  You can check it our here. Now, Tour Status… Thanks […]

YTEX Quadro Twist Black Tennis String

Tweet Exciting times here at Inspired Tennis! For the second week in a row, I have the pleasure of introducing a new tennis brand and new tennis string. Last week, it was Tier One Triumph, and now it is YTEX Quadro Twist Black. Toward the end of the following video, I discuss some impressive USRSA […]

Tier One Triumph Tennis String

Tweet Here at Inspired Tennis, I am grateful to be able to work with some of the major tennis string brands like Luxilon, Wilson, and Dunlop, to name a few.  I am also grateful to be able to work with new, smaller string brands as well.  And that is exactly what today’s post is about… […]

Luxilon 4G Tennis String Arrives at Inspired Tennis

Tweet I was thrilled to come home earlier this week and find a FedEx package from Luxilon on my front step because I knew it contained six sets of the newest tennis string from Luxilon… Luxilon 4G. 4G is probably the most talked about, most buzzed about tennis string in 2012, and I am excited […]

Win a Free Set of Luxilon or Wilson Tennis String

Tweet In case you missed it, go back and check out my string overview video about some really cool trial packs from Luxilon and Wilson.  Then…  If you like what you see and want a chance to win a free set of Luxilon or Wilson tennis string, watch the video below and enter my latest […]