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Important Announcement and Final String Give-Away Contest

Tweet Check out the following video for an important announcement and details about the final Inspired Tennis string give-away contest… Thanks for checking in. DH Stay connected with me at

How To Improve On Court Physical Performance

Tweet In the video below, I share how I improved my on court physical performance related to energy, stamina, endurance, hydration, and even recovery – and more importantly, how you can do the same.  Take my advice, improve your game, and win more.  Trust me… It’s more fun that way:) Thanks for checking in. DH […]

Racquet Art – Tennis Stencils, Ink, and Bling

Tweet In the video below, I provide an overview of a really cool tennis company called Racquet Art. Racquet Art offers the world’s largest selection of tennis stencils and inks – to “dress up” your string bed and customize the “look” of your racquet. Racquet Art also has some great ways to personalize the butt […]

Tennis Round

Tweet Hey Gang – I hope all is well.  I want to introduce you to a cool website for finding tennis players… On this site, you can find players in your area and schedule some matches with them – and perhaps even playtest some of the strings I’ve covered here on Inspired Tennis. Tennis […]

Wilson Tennis Innovation Center

Tweet I am proud to have a great working relationship with Wilson Tennis, as they are undoubtedly one of the top brands in tennis and produce some outstanding strings, racquets, and other tennis equipment. Through my interactions with Wilson over the past few years, it is very apparent that they place a great deal of […]

Drawing for Free Sets of Luxilon and Wilson Tennis String

Tweet As promised, here is the video of the drawing for some outstanding tennis strings… Sets of Luxilon (4 sets) and sets of Wilson (3 sets). As always, thanks to all who entered and congrats to the seven lucky winners. Stay tuned… I will be launching another string give-away video later this week – for […]

Win a Free Set of Luxilon or Wilson Tennis String

Tweet In case you missed it, go back and check out my string overview video about some really cool trial packs from Luxilon and Wilson.  Then…  If you like what you see and want a chance to win a free set of Luxilon or Wilson tennis string, watch the video below and enter my latest […]

Tecnifibre Videos – Strings, Stringing Machines, and “The Human Machine”

Tweet From everything I’ve ever read, heard, and experienced, Tecnifibre is an outstanding tennis string company.  I’ve had the pleasure of playing with Tecnifibre X-One BiPhase and Tecnifibre NRG2 and really think highly of both these strings – especially X-One BiPhase.  In fact, along with Babolat Xcel Power, X-One BiPhase is one of my favorite […]

Drawing for Free Sets of Alien Black Diamond Tennis String

Tweet In the video below, I announce the three lucky winners of Alien Black Diamond tennis string (one set each to three lucky winners). In case you missed it, check out the string overview video I posted about Black Diamond – a co-poly string designed for big hitters with heavy spin who break other co-poly […]

Win a Free Set of Alien Black Diamond Tennis String

Tweet Recently I posted a string overview video about a fairly new tennis string from a fairly new string company…  Alien Black Diamond tennis string.  If you’re a big hitter with heavy spin who breaks other co-poly tennis strings quickly, you may want to check out Alien Black Diamond to see if it might be […]