Thank you for visiting Inspired Tennis.  Please allow me to introduce myself… 

My name is David Henry, and I am the owner of Inspired Tennis.  Aside from my family, there is nothing more important to me than tennis.  I love playing it, I love watching it, I love reading about it, I love writing about it, and I love talking about it.  Quite simply, there really isn’t a word to describe my passion for tennis.

And this passion has lead me to build Inspired Tennis – a business dedicated to tennis but with specific focus on tennis strings and stringing racquets.  Inspired Tennis is many things:

Inspired Tennis is a professional racquet stringing service focused on handling the stringing needs of players in the Greater Dayton, Ohio Area.  Additionally, I provide Long Distance Stringing service for anyone outside of the Dayton Area who desires professional racquet stringing.

Inspired Tennis is an educational source for anyone who wants to learn more about tennis strings and how different strings can improve play and provide greater enjoyment of the game.  On a regular basis, I review strings through my online video program, the “Strings Matter Show”, and I regularly write posts about all aspects of strings and stringing with one goal in mind:  to provide value to my readers.

Inspired Tennis is a blog about my personal tennis adventures – as I strive to climb the USTA’s NTRP Rating System and move from a computer-rated 4.0 player to the 4.5 level and possibly beyond.  Regardless of level though, I want to play the best tennis I possibly can and continue to get more and more enjoyment from the game.

If I do this thing correctly, it is my hope that I’ll educate you to a certain degree, entertain you to a certain (probably lesser) degree, and above all, inspire you to take your game to the next level.

Thanks for checking in.