Drawing for Free Sets of Victory Racquet Sports Tennis String

Check out the video below to learn if you are one of the twelve lucky winners of a free set of Victory Racquet Sports tennis string…  Acelon Seven or Acelon Advanced – both co-poly strings.  In case you missed it, Victory Racquet Sports is a new tennis string brand in the U.S.  Victory Racquet Sports has a very interesting story as to how they entered the tennis string business.  You can watch a video about it here.

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  1. Brian Himes says:

    Would love to enter the drawing for the string giveaway.

    Bought my Alpha Pioneer DC Plus about a year ago and like it very much. Stringing my racquet, my daughter’s (sophomore in H.S.) racquet and my middle school (head coach of Belzer Middle school here in Indianapolis, IN) team’s racquets.

    My daughter is in competitive tennis and has settled in on Tourna Black 7 for her mains and Prince Syn Gut w/Duraflex for her crosses.

    I know that Dunlop’s Black Widow and Tourna’s Black 7 are very similar…..but would be interested in your opinion on which one is the better string.

    Thanks for all the YouTube videos.

    Take care.

  2. David Henry says:

    Hey Brian – I don’t have any current string giveaway contests going on right now but will have more in the future. Stay tuned!

    Very cool that you’re stringing your daughter’s and your team’s racquets! Did I recommend the Alpha Pioneer DC Plus to you? I recommend it often, and most people end up loving it.

    To answer your question… I unfortunately don’t know a ton about Tourna Black 7. I do know that Black Widow is one of the softer co-poly strings on the market, and I know that Dunlop certainly produces high quality strings. For younger players who want to use a co-poly string, like your daughter, I always recommend a softer co-poly The last thing you want if for younger kids to damage their elbow with a more harsh co-poly.

    Take care.


  3. Nasser Shabbir says:

    Hey David. My Luxilon ALU strings just popped and I have to get new strings. I just wanted to ask you if you had any sets of strings left over that maybe you could send over. It would make me extremely happy. Unfortunately, you don’t do your giveaways anymore, so I cannot obtain them that way anymore. I understand if you say no, but I would be very very grateful if you could do so. Thank you

  4. David Henry says:

    I am getting ready to temporarily (maybe permanently) end Inspired Tennis, and in doing so, I will be doing one last major string giveaway contest. Stay tuned!


  5. Ryan says:

    WHAAAAAA, your ending inspired tennis!?!? Why?? I thought you were doing so well. I’m somewhat new to tennis stringing and have been play testing several different types of strings and was really hoping you would have another contest. I don’t know how many strings you have left but I am willing to buy some of the packs off you. Its a win, win for both of us. I get strings and you get money. Hope to hear from you soon!

  6. David Henry says:

    Hey Ryan – Thanks for the comment. It isn’t a question of “doing so well” or not… I guess, by certain standards, I am doing very well with Inspired Tennis. It is more a question of time, passion, and opportunity cost. As you’ll learn in a soon-to-be-released video, I have a tremendous passion for helping people through my AdvoCare business, and I would rather spend my time doing that. Plus… It pays me FAR better than Inspired Tennis does:)

    As far as buying strings… In that soon-to-be-released video, I will be announcing a massive string give-away contest where I’ll be giving away my remaining sets. You are more than welcome to enter – assuming you are in the U.S. So… Stay tuned!

    With regard to your offer to buy the strings… Thank you – it is very much appreciated. With that said, I received the majority of the sets for free from various string brands. To sell them wouldn’t be the right thing to do, in my opinion.

    Take care.


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