Racquet Art – Tennis Stencils, Ink, and Bling

In the video below, I provide an overview of a really cool tennis company called Racquet Art. Racquet Art offers the world’s largest selection of tennis stencils and inks – to “dress up” your string bed and customize the “look” of your racquet. Racquet Art also has some great ways to personalize the butt cap of your racquet. Check out the following video to learn more about how you can customize and personalize the look of your racquet.

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  1. ivan seva says:

    don’t you think its a little overprice for just a stencil card?

  2. Sameed says:

    Hey David nice stuff but personally I have this thing against stencil I psychologically feel that it affects my strings performance, but I friend got it from here nice result

    Hoping for a new review from you soon

    See ya

  3. David Henry says:

    Hey Sameed – It’s all in your head, Buddy:) I don’t have any evidence to believe that stencils impact string performance. Just look at the the pros… Almost every pro has a stencil on his/her racquet. I’m glad your friend got a stencil from Racquet Art. Take care. DH

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