Win Free Sets of Tier One Triumph and YTEX Tennis Strings

Yes, it is that time again…

Time for another Inspired Tennis string giveaway contest.  In this contest, I am giving away six free sets of tennis string – three sets of Tier One Triumph and three sets of YTEX (Octo-Twist, ProTour, and Pro-Feel).  Check out the following video for details about the contest and about how to enter.

Good luck and thanks for checking in.


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  1. Adam angulo says:

    Please enter me in the ytex giveaway

  2. steve k says:

    hey david! can you please enter me into this contest? thank you and keep up the great work!

  3. Sameed says:

    Hey David, going for it again?
    Well I couldn’t test my Hexy Fiber (Courtesy inspired tennis) because as you there was trouble in NJ, also I have been busy lately not much time for tennis. Since I got lucky last time I won’t be participating in the draw, but kindly reply to a query I mailed you about thanks……

  4. David Henry says:

    Sameed – No rules on winning more than once. I’ve had back-to-back contest winners as well as multiple contest winners in the past. I’ll put your name in the hat:) I hope you and your loved ones are all safe in NJ. When you end up trying Hexy Fiber, let me know your thoughts.

    I just saw your email. I’ll address it later tonight when I have more time. No worries… I’ll be able to help.

    Take care.


  5. Nick Volos says:

    enter me too!..

  6. Alex Rotman says:

    Please enter me in the ytex giveaway.

  7. Benny S says:

    Enter me into the contest please! Thank You! The YTEX strings looks amazing.

  8. Francis E says:

    Hi David please enter me in the contest please! Thank you !

  9. Matthew Escueta says:

    Hello! May i please be in this contest? Thanks David! Keep up the good work!

  10. Tyler Marino says:

    Can i please be in the contest? those strings look very cool

  11. An Nguyen says:

    David, please enter me.

  12. Winslow Yee says:

    Hey David enter me in please. If a choice is available i’d like to try the Tier 1, otherwise i’ll take what you give me! Thanks!

  13. Francisco Olguin says:

    Enter me foe this awesome contest!!!!!

  14. Anthony Nguyen says:

    Hey DH,
    Can you please enter me in the giveaway?
    Thanks again

  15. Vic Beard says:

    Please enter me in the contest and keep up the great work.


  16. Fran J Pestla says:

    Cool contest can i join?

  17. Gwen lucchesi says:

    Please enter me! 🙂 thanks

  18. gabe unger says:

    enter me please

  19. Cristy says:

    Thanks so much for giving people a chance to win these strings your the best! And also i would like to join the contest 🙂

  20. Patrick says:

    Please enter me to the contest too! please and thank you

  21. Phil says:

    Hey DH

    Good to see you again please enter the family.

    Phil Shen
    Harry Shen
    Daniel Shen
    Margaret Yang

    On one of your post above I know I didn’t care for HexyFiber didn’t really like it couldn’t really feel any extra spin not much shape

  22. Eddy says:

    David love your channel really keeps me informed on the strings, I’m really interested in trying these string.

  23. Rich G. says:

    David, please enter me. Thanks

  24. jan giesen says:

    Sign me in and keep up the good work!!!!

  25. Aaron Chiang says:

    sign me up!

  26. Kevin Dang says:

    Hey David, I’d like to enter please!

  27. David Henry says:

    Hey Kevin – The entry deadline was this past Saturday. In fact, I’ve already held the drawing and am in the process of posting it now. No worries though – There will be plenty of other string giveaway contests in the future. Stay tuned…


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