Drawing for Free Sets of Dunlop Hexy Fiber and Dunlop Juice Tennis String

This contest was kept open for two weeks, and we had a record (I think) 96 entrants – all vying for one of twelve free sets of Dunlop tennis string – Hexy Fiber and Juice.  A full two weeks was longer than normal for my Inspired Tennis string giveaway contests, but wait no longer…  Check out the video below to learn who the twelve lucky winners are…

Thanks for checking in.


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  1. Jafar Imam says:

    Can anybody name the winners…..because YOUTUBE is blocked at my end 🙁

  2. David Henry says:

    Hey Jafar – Sorry to learn that YouTube isn’t working for you right now. As far as the winners… I’m sorry, you were not one of them, Buddy. They are…
    Justin Hummel
    Akap Oben
    Grant M
    Anthony Nguyen
    Ron B
    Daniel Casas
    Winslow Y
    Gabe Unger
    Thomas H

    Good luck next time!


  3. Jafar Imam says:

    OK thanx David 🙂

  4. Sameed says:

    I can’t believe it my first giveaway with inspired tennis and I won, great thanks David and thanks Dunlop for being generous.

    Congratulations to all the winners

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