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YTEX Quadro Twist Black Tennis String

Tweet Exciting times here at Inspired Tennis! For the second week in a row, I have the pleasure of introducing a new tennis brand and new tennis string. Last week, it was Tier One Triumph, and now it is YTEX Quadro Twist Black. Toward the end of the following video, I discuss some impressive USRSA […]

Drawing for Free Sets of Dunlop Hexy Fiber and Dunlop Juice Tennis String

Tweet This contest was kept open for two weeks, and we had a record (I think) 96 entrants – all vying for one of twelve free sets of Dunlop tennis string – Hexy Fiber and Juice.  A full two weeks was longer than normal for my Inspired Tennis string giveaway contests, but wait no longer… […]

Wilson Tennis Innovation Center

Tweet I am proud to have a great working relationship with Wilson Tennis, as they are undoubtedly one of the top brands in tennis and produce some outstanding strings, racquets, and other tennis equipment. Through my interactions with Wilson over the past few years, it is very apparent that they place a great deal of […]

Tier One Triumph Tennis String

Tweet Here at Inspired Tennis, I am grateful to be able to work with some of the major tennis string brands like Luxilon, Wilson, and Dunlop, to name a few.  I am also grateful to be able to work with new, smaller string brands as well.  And that is exactly what today’s post is about… […]

Luxilon 4G Tennis String Arrives at Inspired Tennis

Tweet I was thrilled to come home earlier this week and find a FedEx package from Luxilon on my front step because I knew it contained six sets of the newest tennis string from Luxilon… Luxilon 4G. 4G is probably the most talked about, most buzzed about tennis string in 2012, and I am excited […]

Win a Free Set of Dunlop Hexy Fiber or Dunlop Juice Tennis String

Tweet More free strings to give away!  Check out the video below to learn how you could win a free set of Dunlop Hexy Fiber or Dunlop Juice tennis string.  Between the two types, I have twelve sets to give away – one set each to twelve lucky winners.  Good luck. Thanks for checking in. […]