Dunlop Hexy Fiber Tennis String

Dunlop Hexy Fiber, released in early 2011, is not a “new” string per se, but it is definitely a unique string. Β Check out the following video to learn more about Hexy Fiber and see if it might be a string you’d like to try in the future – because you know I’m going to have a give-away contest for it!

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  1. Jafar Imam says:

    Hmmm….looks like another interesting multifilament to try….a nice review David!….you mentioned about Hexy Fiber’s hexagonal shape helping in having a good bite on the ball, does this mean that all hexagonal shaped strings help in producing more grip and spin than a normal shaped string?

  2. Iceman says:

    Nice string review….look forward to the give away and a chance to try it. By the way your stock went way down coming out as an Ohio St. fan!
    Roll Tide!

  3. David Henry says:

    Lol. Yes… I’m sure you Alabama fans aren’t too fond of Mr. Meyer. I wasn’t a fan of his when he was at Florida, but I’ll take him now at OSU. It should be interesting to see what he can do over the next few years.

    Take care.


  4. David Henry says:

    That is the great debate, Jafar. Some people argue that shape and texture don’t help generate any extra spin. Others feel they do. I’ve played a great deal with Luxilon Alu Power (smooth string) and Alu Power Rough (textured string). While the difference isn’t drastic, I feel I get a little more spin and action on the ball with Alu Power Rough.

    Take care.


  5. Jafar Imam says:

    Ohk…so it means that it varies from person to person!….hmmm….meaning that you can never get an idea of a string until you use it by yourself!

  6. David Henry says:

    Exactly! πŸ™‚ That is precisely why I try to stick to factual information in my string overview videos and not provide my play-test opinion. Because as I always say, strings are very subjective and personal. I may love a certain string, you may hate it. Personal play-testing is ALWAYS the best route to take.


  7. Jafar Imam says:

    OK!….so a person can never ever say that he has found THE BEST string for himself until he tries EACH and EVERY string available in the market!…..well that sounds pretty uneconomical…doesn’t it! πŸ™‚

  8. Phil says:

    So when you strung this up were you able to feel any of the shape? The shapof the string didn’t stick out that much.


  9. David Henry says:

    No – I didn’t feel the shape – as much as I have with some other shaped strings. I’m guessing it is because of the string being softer than all other shaped strings.


  10. Phil says:

    Hey DH,

    Interesting that you also didn’t feel the shape. What does your dunlop rep say about it?

    Also how was that sothern western open thing the finals for it was on tv


  11. David Henry says:

    Haven’t talked to my contact at Dunlop about it yet. Yeah… Western and Southern Open was great for a Fed fan like me. I couldn’t believe he bagel’ed Djoker in the first set. I can’t see anybody beating Fed at the USO.

    Good luck in the contest!


  12. Phil says:

    Let me know once you hear what your dunlop contact says about not feeling the shape while stringing.


  13. Rich says:

    Hi David,

    I know you don’t do string playtest reviews anymore, but I’m just wondering if you’ve tried these strings and what your “thoughts” are about them. Just curious…

    Feel free to reply to my email directly, if you’d rather not post your “thoughts” here.


  14. David Henry says:

    Hey Rich – Thanks for the comment. Unfortunately, I haven’t hit with Hexy Fiber. I just strung it up, so I could provide a stringing perspective, but I have been way too busy this past week with kids’ activities and work to play any tennis. Sorry Bud. I’ll be giving away some sets of Hexy Fiber in my next contest – stay tuned and perhaps you can be one of the lucky winners. πŸ™‚

    Take care.


  15. john says:

    Hey DH, thanks for your videos, they are very insightful. I wondered if you have a preferred hybrid string you can recommend. I use solinco tour bite and its great but it breaks once every three months or so because I am a big server.thoughts?



  16. David Henry says:

    Hey John – Glad you like my videos. Thanks for the kind words.

    Assuming you’re playing on a fairly regular basis, three months is a pretty long time for strings to last – especially if you’re a big hitter with a lot of spin. So… If I were you, I wouldn’t be too bummed about my strings breaking every three months.

    While co-poly strings, like Tour Bite, can provide incredible spin and great control, the major downside is that they go dead quicker than any other type of string. When this happens, they become incredibly harsh on your arm/elbow. (Co-poly strings, even when fresh, can be harsh on the arm. But… Dead co-poly is extremely harsh.) Plus… The playability degrades significantly as well. So…

    To be honest, you probably shouldn’t be using three month old Tour Bite. You should be cutting it out and re-stringing before it breaks on you around the three month mark. Trust me… Your arm and your game will thank you. πŸ™‚

    If you still are interested in a more durable string, you’ll be hard pressed to find anything more durable than a co-poly string like Tour Bite. (Kevlar is more durable, but we won’t even go there.:)) One string I covered recently, called Alien Black Diamond, is supposed to be one of the most durable co-poly strings on the market. The owner of Alien has a son who is a big hitter and was breaking other co-poly strings rapidly. Therefore, he set out to create a more durable co-poly. Check out my post called “Alien Black Diamond Tennis String” for more information.

    I hope this helps. Let me know if you have further questions.

    Take care.


  17. john says:

    Thanks Dave, appreciate these comments, Cheers.

  18. David Henry says:

    You’re very welcome. Feel free to reach out any time.


  19. Mike C says:

    Great string review, as always. Thanks for posting it.

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