Pictures from Western & Southern Open – Lindner Family Tennis Center

A few weeks ago, my son and I were driving home from Cincinnati (after we made a visit to the Lego Store), and since it was such a gorgeous day, we decided to check out the enhancements that had been made last year to the Lindner Family Tennis Center, the facility that hosts the Western & Southern Open event. We usually attend this event every year, but due to vacation plans, we did not make it last year and thus had not seen the upgrades to the facility.

As we approached the tennis center, we noticed there were some matches being played. As it turned out, it was the Ohio Athletic Conference championships. Therefore, the gates were open, and we were free to stroll around the tennis center.

The camera on my iPhone is damaged, so please forgive the poor quality of the pictures below. Despite the poor quality, I thought some of you might enjoy seeing some pics of the facility.

Thanks for checking in.


Main Entrance
Cincy Masters Main Entrance

Center Court
Cincy Masters Tennis - Center Court - Pic #1

Cincy Masters Tennis - Center Court - Pic #2

Grandstand Court
Cincy Masters Tennis - Grandstand Court

Court 9
Cincy Masters Tennis - Court 9

Court 3
Cincy Masters Tennis - Court 3

Paul Flory Player Center
Cincy Masters Tennis - Paul Flory Player Center - Pic #1

Cincy Masters Tennis - Paul Flory Player Center - Pic #2

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  1. Phil says:

    Looks very nice hope you enjoy when you and your family go

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