Win a Free Set of Dunlop Tennis String

Here it is.  Back by popular demand…  Another Inspired Tennis string give-away contest.  Check out the video below to learn how you can win a free set of Dunlop tennis string.  I’ll be giving away sets of Dunlop Silk, Dunlop S-Gut, Dunlop Hexy Fiber, and Dunlop Explosive.

Good luck!

Thanks for checking in.


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  1. David Henry says:

    Thanks Henry! Good luck!


  2. Arthur Vij says:

    I want to be entered in this contest.

  3. Dan Y. says:

    First off, thanks as always for the great reviews! I bought a set of Black Widow after watching your review, and although that one particular string didn’t work out for me (killed my elbow that took a month to recover, ugh!), I’m intrigued by Silk since it’s billed as ‘soft multi’ and as you mentioned could be good for those suffering from tennis elbows. And yes, please enter me in the drawing. Thanks!

  4. David Henry says:

    Thanks for the kind words. It seems like you need to stay away from co-polys. Stick with softer, more arm-friendly strings like multis (Silk and so many others), natural gut (known as the best string for people with arm/elbow problems), or even some of the special arm-friendly strings like Wilson Hollow Core and Shock Shield. You’re entered. Good luck!


  5. Grant M. says:

    I would like to be in this contest.

  6. Grant M. says:

    Oh wait, too late. Sorry.

  7. David Henry says:

    You’re good, Grant. The cutoff is tonight at Midnight EST. Good luck!


  8. Brian Henley says:

    Great site…great contest…thx

  9. Grant M. says:

    Oh, thanks

  10. Grant M. says:

    I just wanted to say that I have been a fan for a pretty long time. You give the best reviews that I have ever seen. The strings reviews are spot on from my experience. Also, thanks for introducing me to the amazing Alu power rough. Love the string and your reviews. Keep up the great work. Thanks!!

  11. Robert Kennelly says:

    Hey I like to be enterend in the contest for the Dunlop Strings. Thanks

  12. David Henry says:

    Thanks for the very kind words. I greatly appreciate your feedback. I’m glad I was able to introduce you to Alu Power Rough. Take care.


  13. Benji Millard says:

    Please can i be enterd into the contest for the dunlop string give away (S-gut)

  14. James Downie says:

    Hey, can you enter me in the draw? Is it too late?

  15. David Henry says:

    Hey Benji – I’m sorry, the cutoff for contest entries was last night at Midnight EST. You missed it by about 12 hours. No worries though – there will be many other string give-away contests in the near future. Stay tuned…


  16. David Henry says:

    Hey James! Yep, sorry Buddy.. You missed the cutoff deadline for this contest. Stay tuned though, there will be several more string give-away contests in the future. Take care.


  17. Robert Tran says:


  18. David Henry says:

    Robert Tran… Hey Bud… You are not the winner. The winner was just “Robert” from a different email address. Stay tuned for future string give-away contests.


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