Dunlop Silk Tennis String

In video below, I discuss and provide information about the best-selling tennis string from Dunlop.  It is called Dunlop Silk, and it is a premium multifilament synthetic gut.  If you’re looking for a soft multi, check out the information about Silk and determine if it might be a string worth trying.

Note:  In the video, I mention that Silk only comes in a clear color.  Now…  It also comes in black, which is very cool because there are not too many colored multis on the market.  Most colored strings are monfilament synthetic guts and co-poly strings.

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  1. […] to learn how you can win a free set of Dunlop tennis string.  I’ll be giving away sets of Dunlop Silk, Dunlop S-Gut, Dunlop Hexy Fiber, and Dunlop […]

  2. Phil Shen says:

    Hey DH,

    I know you posted about the string give away. Can you find out about Hedy fiber from Dunlop rep?

  3. David Henry says:

    Hey Phil – great to hear from you. I hope all is well. Let me see what I can find out about Hexy Fiber.

    Take care.


  4. Phil says:

    Thanks so much for looking into it. It seems interesting being a shape muilti not too many of them around

    I can’t think of any other shaped multi


  5. David Henry says:

    No problem Man. My contact at Dunlop is out of the office until June 4th, so it may be a little while before I get a response – but I’ll let you know what I find out.


  6. Phil Shen says:

    I look fwd to hearing what the Dunlop rep says?

    By any chance can you think of any other shaped multi strings?

  7. David Henry says:

    None come to mind at the moment. Most multis tend to be round and non-colored – although I’ve seen a few more colored multis lately.

    Take care.


  8. r says:

    whats better dunlop silk or dna

  9. David Henry says:

    Hey “r” I hope all is well. Why so much anonymity? Lol. Anyway… It all depends on how you define “better”. Let me start with the similarities… Both are multfilament synthetic gut strings using the same material (Pure DuPont PA66 fibers). Both are, obviously, produced by Dunlop and most likely, produced at the same factory. Both come in 16 gauge and 17 gauge. Silk is priced a couple of dollars higher ($15 vs. $13 per set), is newer, and is supposedly the most “gut-like” string from Dunlop. DNA has a spiral wrap that coils (like the true structure of DNA) around the string – supposedly giving it a little bit more durability. So…

    “Best” from a playability standpoint? I’d give a very slight edge to Silk.
    “Best” from a durability standpoint? I’d give a very slight edge to DNA.
    “Best” from a lower price standpoint? I’d give a very slight edge ($2 per set) to DNA
    “Best” from a color option standpoint? I’d give the edge to Silk (white/clear and black. one of just a very few black multis on the market)

    I have not played with either and have only strung Silk. If you are interested in using these strings, I suggest buying a set of each and play-testing them. Opinions about strings are SO VERY SUBJECTIVE, and the best way to determine if a string is “right” for you is to try it yourself. I can only provide general facts and some directional guidance.

    Take care.


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