Win a Free Set of Wilson Sensation Control Tennis String or Wilson Savage Duo Tennis String

Wilson is introducing two new strings for 2012… Wilson Sensation Control and Wilson Savage Duo. Check out my video reviews of these two new tennis strings and, if you think you might like to try them, watch the video below for your chance to win a free set. Good luck.

Thanks for checking in.


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  1. Brent McKnight says:

    Thanks, haha i kept acidentaly hitting enter my bad

  2. steve k says:

    hey can you enter me into the contest please? thanks!

  3. beckerb says:

    hi, i would love to be entered!

  4. Chris ziolkowski says:

    I would like to be entered. I find a lot of great info from your videos.

  5. David Henry says:

    Hey Colby. Glad you received my Learn To String DVD Course. Let me know if you have questions. Your set of Still In Black strings is in the envelope and addressed. It will definitely ship on Monday or Tuesday. Take care.


  6. David Henry says:

    Glad you’re crossing your fingers and not holding your breath – the drawing is still a week away. 🙂


  7. Lori Edmunds says:

    New stringer here. Love all the info you post.

    I’d love it if you would enter me in the drawing for the Wilson strings.

    Thanks for all you do

  8. Brent Westergren says:

    Hey David,
    I would like to be entered into the contest. I have been following you for a little over a week and have really liked the information you have provided. I was also wondering if you could comment on the durability of Luxilon’s Alu Power Big Banger because they are expensive and would like to know more before I buy a couple sets.

  9. Raymond T. says:

    Could you please enter me?

  10. Susan says:

    I’d like to enter

  11. 4770tennis says:

    Count me in for the giveaway

  12. David Henry says:

    Hey Lori – Welcome to Inspired Tennis and welcome to the wonderful world of stringing. Thanks for your kind words about the information I post – much appreciated. Good luck in this contest!


  13. David Henry says:

    Hey Brent – Welcome to Inspired Tennis. I’m glad to have you following.

    Alu Power is an amazing string when fresh (assuming you have topspin-producing groundstrokes with fast racquet head speed). “When fresh” being the key words. Alu does tend to lose its playability/tension fairly quickly. I play with Alu Power Rough (same string – just a textured version), and I usually cut it out after about 8 hours of singles play – as I find it starts to change the way it plays at that point – plus… I want to error on the side of caution and not risk any additional arm/elbow problems by playing with dead co-poly. You may be able to get additional hours out of it. You’ll just need to test it and see. But yes… It can be expensive for only 8 hours of play. Good thing I don’t have to pay stringing labor fees. 🙂

    As far as breaking… Like most co-polys, it is very durable but again… just because it doesn’t break, doesn’t mean it isn’t “dead”.

    Hope this helps. Let me know if you have further questions. Take care.


  14. Michael Janz says:

    Enter me into the contest David. Thanks!

  15. Logan says:

    Thanks for making this contest, I really need string.

  16. David Henry says:

    You’re welcome. Thanks for entering. Really need string, huh? Lol. Well, you came to the right place. After this current Wilson contest, I have MANY more planned over the foreseeable future. Dunlop Black Widow, Dunlop Silk, Dunlop Juice, Genesis Hexonic, some new strings from Still In Black, and possibly some other new strings from Wilson. Stay tuned…


  17. Lynn Bartlett says:

    I’d love to enter…

    Thanks !

  18. John Nguyen says:

    I would like to enter! Also, David i have a Gamma X-2 Stringer, i would like to know when stringing a Polyester string, i would like to know to string it. I’ve strung Synthetic Gut, and some multifilament strings, but Poly’s are the ones that annoy me and have snapped in the middle of stringing so any tips would be appreciated. Keep the Videos COMING!

  19. lucas loman says:

    enter me on the drawing

  20. David Henry says:

    John – Co-polys are, for the most part, more durable than syn guts and multis – from a playing perspective. Co-polys, as you know, just don’t stretch like the other types of strings – and thus can pose some snapping problems if you are not tensioning properly. I have never strung on a drop-weight machine like your X-2, so I am not sure I can offer much advice. I am guessing the co-poly string is snapping when you are pulling tension, correct? If this is the case, it sounds like you’re just not tensioning properly. Perhaps you’re pulling tension way to quickly/abruptly, and that is putting way too much stress on the string – and since it is not very elastic, it just snaps as opposed to stretching.

    Take care.


  21. Arnold H says:

    Thanks for entering me in the draw

  22. Luke Robson says:

    I would like to enter please!

  23. D'Amico says:

    Hey Dave…please enter my name in the drawing. Thx

  24. Cindy Nguyen says:

    Can you please enter me in the drawing? Thanks for this great opportunity!

  25. Bong Sarmiento says:

    Pleas enter me in the drawing. Thanks.

  26. Hong T says:

    Please enter me in this drawing, TY!

  27. Albert Luu says:

    Can I enter in? I’m want to try the wilson strings!

  28. Ashton Bradley says:

    I would liked to be entered in this contest! Thanks

  29. Duke says:

    David, please enter me in the contest.


  30. David Henry says:

    Yep – You’re in, Albert.

  31. Charlie W says:

    Hi David,

    Enter me please! Hopefully I’ll finally win !

  32. Josh Pugsley says:

    id like to be entered please

  33. Josh says:

    enter please!


    enter me please kind sir ye boi

  35. Joshua Pugsleu says:

    id like to be entered david

  36. Bo says:

    Please enter me in the contest also.

    Thank you!

  37. Steven C says:

    I’d like to be entered in the drawing. Thanks.

  38. Pete Jones says:

    Please put me in the drawing

  39. Taylor says:

    Please enter me in the drawing, thanks!

  40. robert says:

    hi im interested please enter me in thanks great vids

  41. David Henry says:

    Robert – The entry period for the Wilson string give-away ended last night at Midnight EST. I am pretty certain you already entered though. Stay tuned – as I will have many more future string give-away contests.

    Take care.


  42. alex says:

    do you know what makes that crisp pop sound when you hit a tennis ball

  43. David Henry says:

    No clue. I’m guessing it is the combination of some complex physics and chemistry. I’m not smart enough to know that. 🙂


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