Drawing for Free String Things

In the video below I announce the two lucky winners of free String Things – tennis string straightening devices. If you haven’t already seen it, please check out my video review of the String Thing. Thanks for String Thing USA for providing the two devices, and congrats to the winners!

Thanks for checking in.


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  1. Andrew Freund says:

    Hello David, I can’t believe you are famous man! Nice videos.

  2. David Henry says:

    The Famous Man! He’s one of my favorites! Lol.

    I wouldn’t say “famous”, but I have developed a pretty decent following of stringers and players who really care about their strings. Last month, I had site visitors from over 70 different countries. It’s pretty cool.

    Take care.


  3. bindizel says:

    Happy New year David, wish you and your family the best.

  4. David Henry says:

    Happy New Year to you and yours as well!

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