Wilson NXT Control and Luxilon M2 Pro

Wilson NXT Control and Luxilon M2 Pro

When I pulled into my driveway this afternoon, the FedEx guy was delivering a box of tennis strings from Wilson / Luxilon.  That’s right…  I will be reviewing two new strings – Wilson NXT Control and Luxilon M2 Pro.  And then as usual, I will be giving away five sets of each string to ten lucky winners.  Stay tuned over the coming weeks for the reviews and contests.  Does anyone have a preference as to which one I should review and give away first?  Let me know.

Thanks for checking in.


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  1. Phil Shen says:

    Hi DH

    My vote is for the Luxilon first can’t wait for your review


  2. David Henry says:

    Thanks for the input, Phil – much appreciated.


  3. Majid says:

    Hi DH
    I just bought the prince xo3 tour racket 16 by 18 racket and cant figure out what strings I should string it…..I have moderate swing and I like to play topspin….at first I was thinking to string it with wilson NXT but I got confused reading reviews of other strings as well,
    Can you recommend a string which offers control and spin

  4. David Henry says:

    Well… If you already possess topspin producing strokes with fast racquet head speed, then a co-poly string would definitely provide you with control and spin. Since you say your swing is “moderate”, I’m not sure how co-poly would work for you. You may want to give it a try and see. That is the beauty of so many options with regard to strings… You can test and experiment to find the perfect string setup for you.

    Another thought… You could try a hybrid combination of co-poly mains and perhaps NXT in the crosses.

    Or… You could use a string like NXT and manage the control aspect with tension. If you like the way it plays and feels but still need a little more control, you could increase the tension a bit.

    Hope this helps. Let me know if you have further questions.


  5. Majid says:

    I never tried a hybrid setup,
    few example would be appreciated so that I can try the setup

  6. Majid says:

    one more thing do you no which string does the exo3 come factory strung

  7. David Henry says:

    The options for hybrids is practically limitless. What is your style of play? Do you have topspin-producing groundstrokes with fast racquet head speed? Primarily baseline? Or do you come to the net frequently? etc.

    What are you trying to accomplish with your strings? More power? More touch/feel? More control? More durability? etc.

    Do you have any arm/elbow problems?

    What do you like to pay (for strings only – not strings and labor) per stringjob?

    Let me know some additional information, and then perhaps I can point you in the direction of a hybrid that might work well for you.

    Take care.


  8. David Henry says:

    Unfortunately, I do not know. Generally, the strings in pre-strung racquets tend to be lower quality though.



  9. Majid says:

    I want some power but not a lot,the main traits that I want is control(accuracy),I play topspin and like depth in my shots,feel would also be appreciated

  10. Majid says:

    I am from India and I generally pay 1500RS (33USD) for the strings,I dont have any tennis Elbow Issues.

  11. David Henry says:

    Since you kind of want a little bit of everything… Some power, control, and feel – and since you don’t have any elbow issues, I suggest trying a cop-poly/multi hybrid. Use a co-poly in the mains and use a softer multifilament in the crosses. The co-poly mains will give you control and spin (assuming you already possess topspin-producing groundstrokes with fast racquet head speed). The multi crosses will give you a little more power and a little more feel

    Another option would be to use a full bed of a multi and increase the tension in order to help with control.

    You’ll need to experiment a little in order to find the perfect string setup for you game, but over time, you’ll get it dialed in perfectly. Hopefully my suggestions will get you started in the right direction. Please let me know if you have further questions.



  12. Majid says:

    I searched all the sports shop in Delhi and I was surprised to know that they stopped selling babolat and wilson strings….most of them sold Head strings…..so could you recommend me names of good top spin and control string made by Head

  13. David Henry says:

    Head’s best co-poly string is Sonic Pro. A good multifilament synthetic gut from Head is ETS. Head also has a new, unique string that is kind of the best of both worlds… A co-poly center core with multifilament outer wraps. It is called FXP Tour. You may want to give it a try.

    Take care.


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