SOLINCO Barb Wire Tennis String

In this video post, I review the newest string from SOLINCO… SOLINCO Barb Wire. As you’ll learn, Barb Wire, a twisted co-polyester string, is ideal for players looking for added bite/spin.

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  1. Michael Clark says:

    I just reviewed this video and have also read some other boards that were talking about this string. i really want to try it out and cant wait for your contest to start. as much as i would love to be able to buy strings like luxilon for every tennis match, i cant, so a more affordable string really is attractive to me. i did have a question, what size are the strings you will be giving away in the contest? just curious if you have more than one size.
    take care my friend

  2. David Henry says:


    Thanks for the comment. The sets of Barb Wire that I’ll be giving away are 16L (1.25mm).

    Take care.


  3. VamosTonyo says:

    I think my sons racquet is strung with this. Bought racquet off of Ebay and had this black twisted string in it. Looks really cool. I wonder how it will compare with Babolats RPM Blast string. I love that string. Hope I get a chance to win a pack of this Solinco string.

  4. David Henry says:

    Stay tuned. I am hoping to get a video posted tonight announcing the give-away contest for SOLINCO Barb Wire. If not tonight, I’ll definitely get it posted this week. Good luck.


  5. […] Inspired Tennis followers. (One set to six lucky winners) To learn more about Barb Wire, check out this previous post […]

  6. Colin W says:

    id like to be entered for the contest DH….3rd times the charm maybe

  7. […] the video below, I announce the six lucky winners of the SOLINCO Bar Wire┬átennis string contest. Six lucky winners each win one free set of Barb Wire, the newest string […]

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