Win a Free Set of Wilson Shock Shield Tennis String

As mentioned previously, I have five sets of Wilson Shock Shield tennis string that I am giving away to you, my loyal Inspired Tennis followers. (One set to five lucky winners) To learn more about Shock Shield, check out my previous post about it.

To learn how to enter, watch the following video.

In the video I forgot to mention… U.S. and Canadian entries only. Since I pay the shipping on these sets, I need to minimize my costs – I hope my other international friends understand.

Good luck and as always, thanks for checking in.


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Wilson Shock Shield Tennis String

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  1. Tomoya says:

    Hey David! Big fan of your vids on YouTube. I want to enter for the strings! 😀

  2. shazman says:

    hey david, please sign me up for the drawing, thanks

  3. Avery says:

    I’d like David.thanks!

  4. David Henry says:

    Hey Tomoya – thanks for the comment. You’re entered!


  5. David Henry says:

    Hey Shazman – you’re in!


  6. David Henry says:

    Hi Avery – thanks for entering.


  7. Hugo says:

    Hi David , Please enter me?
    It might be a problem as I like in Britain…. I might not be your only British fan but I was wondering if that is a problem.

  8. Matt Niles says:

    Hey it’s Matt. I want to be in these contest. I hope I win two times now and my little brother is jealous that I won the red alert.

  9. Kelvin Niles says:

    Hey Dh, I want to be in the drawing for these strings. Thank you take care.

  10. David Henry says:

    Hey Hugo. Thanks for the comment. I am thrilled to learn of a new British fan of Inspired Tennis! Unfortunately, this contest is limited to the U.S. and Canada only. Inspired Tennis is just a part-time gig for me currently, and I don’t make much money from it. Since I pay the shipping costs to send these strings to the winners, I limit the contests to U.S. and Canada, so I don’t “break the bank” on shipping. Sorry Man. I hope you understand.



  11. David Henry says:

    Hey Matt – Good luck on a repeat! You’re entered.


  12. David Henry says:

    Hey Kelvin. Thanks for entering. Good luck beating out Matt. 🙂


  13. jim says:

    hey david, please enter me into the contest, thanks

  14. sam says:

    please add me to the contest, love your string reviews.

  15. Colin W says:

    Hey DH, thanks for the vids.

    Toss my name in the hat, i wanna give shock shield a shot.

  16. David Henry says:

    You’re entered, Jim. Thanks and good luck.


  17. David Henry says:

    Thanks Sam. Glad to learn you love my reviews. You’re in the contest.


  18. David Henry says:

    Hey Colin! You’re welcome for the vids, and your name will be in that hat for the Shock Shield drawing. Take care.


  19. Andy says:

    Hey david i like your reviews and they are very helpful; also i would like to enter the contest thanks!

  20. David Henry says:

    Hey Andy. Thanks for the comment – I’m glad you find my reviews helpful. You’re entered in the contest!


  21. Kyungho says:

    Hello, I would like to be entered!

  22. David Henry says:

    Kyungho – You’re in the contest. Take care.


  23. James Downie says:

    Sign me uo for the draw

  24. Scott says:

    Can I enter the shock string contest? Was looking for a review of them and found your awesome site, thanks!

  25. Graham Littlehales says:

    Hi David,

    As a fellow stringer I am often asked about arm-friendly strings and apart from natural gut, which as you say is very expensive for most people, I usually recommend a multi-filament syn gut. If the shock shield lives up to its billing that could be a great addition. Please enter me for the contest and if I am succesful I will put it in a couple of racquets for people that I know have arm problems without telling them what it is and see what they say. Thanks, Graham.

  26. roger says:

    hey david, please add me to the drawing. thank you.

  27. jonathon says:

    hello, could you please add me to the drawing. thanks

  28. joseph says:

    please add me to drawing 🙂

  29. David Henry says:

    Hey James. Welcome to Inspired Tennis. You’re entered. Take care.


  30. David Henry says:

    Scott – thanks for the kind words about my site. Glad you found it. You’re in the contest!


  31. David Henry says:

    Hey Graham – thanks for the comment. If you happen to win, let me know how your clients like it. Take care and good luck.


  32. David Henry says:

    Hi Roger. Thanks for entering. Good luck.


  33. David Henry says:

    Hey Jonathon. You’re entered. Take care.


  34. David Henry says:

    Joseph – you’re in my friend. Good luck.


  35. Brian Lee says:

    Hi David, Could I be entered in the Contest?

  36. David Henry says:

    Sure Brian. You just made it in before the 12 PM EST deadline. 🙂 Good luck.


  37. Capital Ken says:

    Any reviews of this string from the lucky winners?

  38. Osuchukwu says:

    You could definitely try to dntoae to your local high school. Schools are always looking for good quality sports equipment for a low price. You can also try to dntoae to a local tennis club or to USTA. Try the USTA web site. They sometimes have some local program where they take racket donation. Good luck Sandy ♥ semi retired

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