Win a Free Set of Luxilon Adrenaline

I’ve been on a Luxilon kick lately – creating several videos about the Luxilon brand, Luxilon Alu Power Rough, and Luxilon Adrenaline.  Now, as promised, I am giving one of my lucky blog followers a chance to win a free set of Luxilon Adrenaline.  Check out the video below to learn how to enter the contest.  Good luck.

Thanks for checking in.


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  1. Mike T says:

    Liked your page on FB, have retweeted your contest (and will do daily). With your quality blogging and videos, I think you’ll get a good following in no time!

  2. David Henry says:

    Excellent – thanks Mike. Much appreciated. You’re in the drawing!


  3. Connor K says:

    Just watched the video today after i got back from my tennis lesson! I liked your page on facebook, and ill tell my tennis class about your blog and channel next lesson! Btw thanks for the videos and reviews they really help!

  4. David Henry says:

    Thanks for spreading the word, Connor – and thanks for the kind words about my videos and reviews. I’ve got you registered in the contest. Take care.


  5. Tommy Cruz says:

    liked your facebook page, will spread the word with my future opponents. Videos and blog are top quality, keep up the good work!

  6. Cody Siler says:

    Hey David, liked your Facebook page and promise to RT some posts soon, Thanks for all the work that you do for the tennis community!

  7. David Henry says:

    Tommy – Thanks for the “like” and for spreading the word with future opponents. Also… Thanks for the kind words about my videos and blog. You’re in the contest.


  8. David Henry says:

    Hey Cody, thanks for the “like” and for the upcoming RTs. And to you as well… thanks for the kind words – nice to know my information is appreciated. You’re registered for a chance to win Adrenaline. Take care.


  9. Matt G. says:

    Hey David, great video on the Adrenaline! Will email your website and YouTube page to all my hitting partners this weekend!

  10. Avery Bolander says:

    Thanks for the videos David. They have been super helpful now that I have a stringer, and I’m trying to figure it all out. You da man.

  11. David Henry says:

    Great – thanks Matt. The efforts to spread the word about IT are very much appreciated. You’re entered.


  12. David Henry says:

    Avery – Thanks for the kind words. I am glad my videos are helpful to you – that’s cool. I saw you “liked” my FB page the other day – thanks for that. You’re in the contest Man.


  13. Carlos says:

    liked your facebook page (on my son’s account) and got my son to tell all his USTA and school buddies

  14. David Henry says:

    Great – thanks to you (and your son), Carlos! Your name will be in the hat when I do the drawing on 4/17/11. Take care.


  15. Simon K says:

    Hey man. Ill tell my tennis team tomorrow at practice. I could really use this string. You’re reviews are awesome.

  16. David Henry says:

    Simon – thanks for telling your team tomorrow. And thanks for the nice comment about my video reviews. You’re in the contest. Take care.


  17. Brian Allen says:

    Hey David, I liked your facebook page, subscribed to your youtube channel, retweeted your contest to my follwers on twitter, and I’ll spread the word about your blog when I go to this tennis tournament on monday. btw your videos on stringing helped me get my stringing time down to 29 minutes, thanks!

  18. Brad Malenich says:

    Great videos. I liked your facebook page and told my teammates about your site.

  19. David Henry says:

    Brian – thanks for doing all of those things to spread the word about Inspired Tennis – VERY much appreciated. You’re name will be in the hat when I do the drawing on the 17th. Congrats on reducing your stringing time – anything under 30 minutes is very good. Glad my videos helped. Take care, my friend.


  20. David Henry says:

    Brad – thanks much Man! You’re entered into the contest. Take care.


  21. Kasparas S says:

    Hey David,
    I know this is not for your international friends, but just wanted to say that I have been spreading your site anyways! Mostly just by liking your facebook page and writing your url on my status. Anyways, just wanted to say hi, and those last couple videos above this one are really interesting.

    Hope things are well.

  22. David Henry says:

    Hey Kasparas – great to hear from you again! I am well. I hope the same is true for you. Thanks for spreading the word about Inspired Tennis and thanks for the kind words about my recent videos. I’ll see what I can do about opening up the next contest to Canada – so you can have a chance to win.

    Take care.


  23. Jason Kong says:

    Watched your review and decided to give it a try against my usual prince synthetic gut. Thanks for your review

  24. David Henry says:

    Hey Jason – thanks for the comment. I’ll place your name in the hat for the free set of Adrenaline. Prince Synthetic Gut, huh? Classic string and still the best selling string of all time.

    Take care.


  25. airsoftbuddies50 says:

    I liked your facebook, subscribed to you on Youtube, told some friends, and my next game I will bodypaint “Inspired Tennis” on my chest.
    I would like to enter the contest 😀

  26. David Henry says:

    airsoftbuddies50… Thanks for spreading the word about IT – especially the body paint idea. lol You’re in the contest!


  27. Andy says:

    i told my family friends and also subscribed to your youtube account i want in!… however it isn’t possible cause im international oh wells next time maybe

  28. David Henry says:

    Hey Andy – thanks for the comment. Also… Thanks for spreading the word about Inspired Tennis and for subscribing to my YouTube Channel. Where are you located? Perhaps I’ll open up a contest to my “International Friends” like you in the future. Take care.


  29. Aaron Jenkins says:

    hey count me in 🙂

  30. Brandon Uhm says:

    Hi i always enjoy your videos and i am also fan of alu power rough just like you!
    I am following you in Facebook.
    I am 16year old and i will love to try out Luxilon Adrenaline!
    i told about your blogs i Korea where i use to live !.
    thank you for awesome channel in you tube.

  31. David Henry says:

    Hey Aaron. Thanks for the comment. Unfortunately, I set the entry cutoff for last night at midnight EST. I have to be fair to everyone else who entered prior to the deadline, so I can’t allow your entry. Sorry Man. No worries though, I’ll definitely be giving away other sets in the near future. If you haven’t done so yet, you might want to sign up for my RSS feed on my site. That way, you’ll get notified via email whenever I create a new post – and then you’ll be able to enter the next string give-away contest. Take care.


  32. David Henry says:

    Hi Brandon. Thanks for the comment. Like I replied to the previous comment, I set the entry deadline for last night at midnight EST. To be fair to others who entered prior to the deadline, I can’t allow your entry. Don’t worry though, I’ll be giving away other sets of string in the near future. You may want to sign up for my RSS feed so you won’t miss any future posts about string give-aways.

    Thanks for the Facebook “like” and for spreading the word about Inspired Tennis to Korea – very cool! Also, your kind words about my YouTube Channel are much appreciated. Lastly, nice to meet another fan of Alu Power Rough.

    Take care.


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