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The flagship product from the United States Racquet Stringer’s Association is its Stringer’s Digest – an incredibly useful resource for any tennis racquet stringer. In the video below, I discuss the benefits of being a member of the USRSA with a special focus on the benefit of receiving the Stringer’s Digest twice a year. (Or maybe it is three times a year – my memory is failing me.)

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  1. Mike T says:

    So the USRSA digest gets bigger over the years, eh?

  2. David Henry says:

    Yep – sure does. They may phase out patterns for some obscure frames over time, but I doubt that happens often – as people still have the frames and may need to get them re-strung. I play with Prince Original Graphite (4-stripe version) racquets from the late 80s, and the pattern is still in the Digest.

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