Old School Tennis Racquets

Just like me with my Prince Original Graphites (POGs), Inspired Tennis client, Steve Robertson, uses some old school sticks…

Wilson Pro Staff 6.0 Original Midsize 85

Wilson Pro Staff 6.0 Original Midsize 85

I had the pleasure of stringing two of these for Steve last week – Wilson Sensation 16G at 62 lbs using the Dire Desire Around the World (ATW) pattern.

This racquet, along with my beloved POG, is one of the most popular sticks of all time – and one that can still compete, in my opinion, with any of the newer frames on the market. Steve doesn’t have any plans to switch away from his Pro Staffs, and likewise, I don’t have any plans to switch away from my POGs. Made popular by Pistol Pete (Pro Staff) and Andre Agassi and Michael Chang (POG), these racquets are classics!

Side note: If anyone has any “four-stripe” POGs with a 4-1/4 grip that you want to unload, let me know – as I am always in the market to buy good conditioned POGs.

Thanks for checking in.


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  1. Ricardo says:

    Very cool racquet choices, indeed (both of you)! I’ve tested many new and old player sticks and went back to my first (old) choice: the nCode 90’s… love the thin beam and heft.

    Keep up the great reviews… Cheers!

  2. David Henry says:

    Thanks for the comment and kind words, Ricardo! Enjoy hitting with those nCode 90s!

    Take care.


  3. Bruce Higashi says:

    Hi David love your videos. I own a POG mid latest edition and want to know what type of string would do well with this frame. I like hitting from the baseline with topspin most of the time. I’m quite a searcher when it comes to equipment as well. Thanks Bruce

  4. David Henry says:

    Hey Bruce – thanks for the comment and for the kind words about my videos – much appreciated. Glad to hear from a fellow POG user.

    There is a misconception out there that certain types of strings go with certain types of racquets. This misconception was probably created my marketing efforts of racquet and string manufacturers. For example, many new racquets have a string “recommendation” printed on the frame along with the specs. These “recommendations” are nothing more than marketing efforts – efforts for them to sell their own brand of strings.

    In my opinion, the strings a player should use depends on three factors – style of play, budget, and presence or lack of arm/elbow problems. I’ll likely produce a video on this topic in the near future – as I tend to get questions often about what is the best string for a certain type of racquet. So let me ask you some questions in order to be able to recommend some strings for you…

    You say you hit from the baseline with topspin most of the time. I’m guessing you have fairly fast racquet-head speed on your groundies, correct?

    Do you like to volley much?

    What type of strings do you currently use? What do you like about them? What do you dislike about them?

    Do you have any arm/elbow problems at all?

    How much do you want to spend per stringjob (for the string only – not including labor)? How often are you willing to re-string?

    Let me know your thoughts on these questions, and I can likely recommend some string options for you.



  5. wally says:

    i have 3 pro staff like wot sampras uesd and i still play wid mine.plus 2 old boris becker rackets.

  6. David Henry says:

    Hey Wally. Glad to learn you’re still kickin’ it old school. Those are classic sticks!


  7. wally says:

    my bro has a borg racket jonny mac n all the becker rackets winner super pro n the estuas.

  8. jamal says:

    Hi David, I still play with my pro staff 85 with hybrid gut/hexonic at 50/48. I have a serve and volley game and rip and charge.I have demoed all the new rackets, I am stuck on the old school plow through, thin beam and pin point accuracy. I am swinging some wilson sting2 largehead if anybody has some good condition sting2 largehead let me know. prefixtennis@yahoo.com.

  9. David Henry says:

    Hey Jamal – As far as my personal stringing clients are concerned, no one uses that stick. If I happen to come across any though, I will be sure to send you an email. Take care. DH

  10. Bane says:

    PS 85. Best stick ever made. Been in the tennis business for over 30. years, as a competitor and now High performance coach. I am 50 now, tried all these new ‘modern’ sticks and in my opinion, none compare to the mike tyson of racquets.

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