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Tennis Racquets For Sale on Ebay

Tweet My friend and client, Cam Woliver, has some great condition tennis racquets for sale on Ebay.  I can attest to the great condition of these sticks – as I strung all four of them myself.  (So I can also attest to the high-quality stringjobs in all of them. :-))  As you’ll hear in the […]

U.S. Open Stringing Room Video

Tweet This video is a little old (2009 U.S. Open), but it is still worth watching for a bit of a behind-the-scenes looks at the Wilson Stringing Team and the U.S. Open Stringing Room.  Enjoy. Thanks for checking in. DH

Learn To String Tennis Racquets DVD Course

Tweet Thanks to all who have expressed interest in and/or purchased my Learn To String DVD Course. Your support and business is much appreciated. In addition to this “thank you” video below, also check out this other previous post that contains more detail about my course. To purchase this course, click here. Thanks for checking […]

Tennis Play-Testing Rule

Tweet While it may seem obvious to most of you, only change one variable at at time when play-testing a change to your racquet and/or strings.  Believe it or not, I still have clients who like to change more than one variable when play-testing new strings, different tensions, etc.  Keep it simple…  Only make one […]

Tennis Stringing – Quality Over Speed

Tweet I set new “personal best” time for stringing a racquet – check out the video below to find out my time. While speed is “cool” when it comes to stringing, quality and consistency still reign supreme, but a quality stringjob that is done quickly is, as Hannah Montana sings, the best of both worlds. […]

Mantis Comfort Synthetic – Multifilament Tennis String

Tweet As I say in the opening part of the video below, I like to keep you updated about new tennis strings that are introduced into the market.  With that said, check out the video below about a new string from a fairly new company…  Mantis Comfort Synthetic. Thanks for checking in. DH

Video: SOLINCO Tour Bite and An Additional Benefit of USRSA Membership

Tweet Here is a new video about SOLINCO Tour Bite, its recent playtest in the USRSA’s RSi Magazine, and some information about an additional benefit of USRSA Membership. (If you haven’t figured it out from other posts and videos, I am a big fan of the USRSA.) In addition to this video, check out a […]

Video: Speed Stringing Contest

Tweet Courtesy of Tim Strawn of Grand Slam Stringers (GSS), check out this video of the 2010 Speed Stringing Contest held at the annual GSS Symposium in Orlando. Sponsored by Prince and officiated by David Bone of the USRSA, the contest featured three guys who can really “bring it” when it comes to stringing. As […]