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Sales of my “Learn to String” DVD course have been increasing steadily, and I’d like to publicly thank all who have purchased.  So…  THANK YOU!

I’d also like to thank all of you have who not only purchased my racquet stringing course but have also taken the time to post incredibly kind comments on this blog.  So…  THANK YOU Carlos, Jim, and Christopher!  (Please click here to read their comments at the bottom of the linked post or simply scroll down.)

From Carlos…
I got the DVD package by David,and let me tell you its a COMPLETE course on how to string a tennis raquect. David goes over every little detail that you could possibly encounter while learning to string. It teaches you to do one piece or two, and the special topics dvd its great. You can see the patience that David has to explain every step in the process. Overall its a fantastic DVD Course that you should not miss if you want to become a great stringer. And since I got the DVD i have asked him a lot of questions and he has be super available, thanks David for making this great package and for the excellent customer service. Saludos desde Mexico!

From Jim…
I use to string back in the late 70’s early 80’s when I worked part time at a tennis club. I used a Babolat Multilec, but that decades ago and I thought I would need a refresher course so I ordered David’s Learn How To String DVD’s. I can say these DVD’s were excellent! I purchased a stringer and was back up and stringing in no time. Quite a few things had changed when I use to string Wilson Jack Kramer’s and Head Pro’s and the DVD’s made that transition very easy! Great job on the video’s David!

From Christopher…
I have to agree with the comments above that this particular course is comprehensive and detailed. David has really prepared a product that addresses almost every issue one might encounter during the stringing process with tips to add professionalism to the job.

On top of it, David is generous with his time in answering questions via email. For the price, it represents a ridiculous value for the instructional content.

Perhaps best of all, in David, you get to deal with one of the real “good guys” online and support an honest and straightforward small business.

If you’re interested in learning to string or interested in “brushing up” on your skills, you may want to check out my DVD course.  You can read the details here.

Thanks for checking in.


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