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Video: ERT 300 Tennis Computer

Tweet Several months ago, I wrote a post about my Beers ERT 300 Tennis Computer, but for those of you who prefer video over written-word, here you go… Also, toward the end of this video, I briefly compare my ERT 300 Tennis Computer to the Racquet Tune app for the iPhone. Thanks for checking in. […]

Tennis Stringing Tip: Butt Saver

Tweet If you string your own racquets, pay attention to the video below.  While it doesn’t happen frequently, there are times when I don’t have enough string left on a stringjob to reach the tension head on my stringing machine.  When that happens, there are only two options: 1.  Scrap the stringjob and start over […]

Win a FREE Set of Wilson Hollow Core Pro

Tweet As I mentioned in a post a couple of days ago, I received a free set of Wilson Hollow Core Pro from Wilson (through my United States Racquet Stringers Association Membership).  Normally, I playtest the free samples I receive, or I give them to my local stringing clients to playtest for free.  This time, […]

Add Norway to the Inspired Tennis List

Tweet Just a couple of days ago, I wrote a post about the amazing response and engagement I am receiving from fellow tennis players and stringers from around the world.  Well…  Add Norway to the list!  I uploaded a video on YouTube last night (You can view it here.), and when I woke up this […]

Video: Learn To String Tennis Racquets DVD Set

Tweet Ok Gang…  Here is a shameless, self-promotion for my “Learn to String” DVD Course.  🙂 All joking aside, I’ve been getting some great feedback from customers lately, and I want to get the word out even more to see if there are others throughout the world that I can help.  If you (or someone […]

New String: Wilson Hollow Core Pro

Tweet Another set of free string arrived today – thanks to Wilson and the United States Racquet Stringers Association.   Today’s arrival was the new Wilson Hollow Core Pro. Improving on Wilson’s original version of Hollow Core (which was introduced about a year or so ago), Hollow Core Pro has the following characteristics according to the USRSA’s […]

Inspired Tennis Goes International

Tweet The global power of the internet never ceases to amaze me. When I first started Inspired Tennis, I didn’t really have any expectations about how many visitors would come to my blog (or Facebook page, or Twitter page, or YouTube channel), and I certainly didn’t have any expectations about from where my visitors would […]

Tennis Stringing DVD Comments

Tweet Sales of my “Learn to String” DVD course have been increasing steadily, and I’d like to publicly thank all who have purchased.  So…  THANK YOU! I’d also like to thank all of you have who not only purchased my racquet stringing course but have also taken the time to post incredibly kind comments on […]