Three Babolat Pure Drives

Before stringing Namchi Le’s brand new Babolat Pure Drive, I discovered a photo-op I couldn’t let pass by…

My son, Parker, started taking tennis lessons about 1.5 years ago, and he used a 23″ Babolat Pure Drive.  When he grew physically, and his strokes matured as well, it was time to upgrade to his current 25″ Babolat Pure Drive. 

 So… with Namchi’s full size Pure Drive in the house, I felt compelled to line them up and take a pic.  For what it’s worth, here you go…

Three Babolat Pure Drives

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  1. zam says:

    Just wonder, how old is your son and what is his height. I got 2 kids start playing tennis, and observing when to upgrade the racquet size.

  2. David Henry says:

    Hey there – thanks for visiting my blog!

    To answer your questions… My son just turned eight years old about two months ago. He has been playing tennis and taking lessons for almost two years. He is a little guy – at approximately 45 inches tall. He used the smallest version of the Pure Drive for about a year, and then he moved up to the next larger size. The transition was pretty easy and seamless.

    Enjoy playing with your kids! It is so much fun for me!

    Please reach out to me ay anytime with any other questions. Always happy to help.

    Take care.


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