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Video: Tennis Stringing Machines – Constant Pull vs. Lock Out

Tweet Whether you’re a stringer or simply a tennis player (who doesn’t string your own racquets), it is important to know the difference in stringing machines, their tensioning mechanisms, and how these impact the overall playability of your racquet’s stringbed.  Check out this video where I do my best to explain the differences between constant […]

Video: Recycling Tennis String

Tweet Through my stringing business, I gather a great deal of scrap string that I don’t want to simply throw in the trash and have it wind up in a landfill.  But…  Is there a way to recycle tennis string?  If not, how can tennis string be re-purposed?  Feedback welcomed. Thanks for checking in. DH

Video: Tennis Racquet Ready for Client Pick-Up

Tweet Here is a brief video showing how all Inspired Tennis clients’ racquets are prepared for delivery/pick-up. Thanks for checking in. DH