A New Look for Luxilon

Even though Luxilon has been (and still remains) the #1 string on the pro tour (and by #1, I mean the most used), its previous retail packaging had to rank near the bottom of the pack in terms of aesthetics.  While other major string brands have highly-professional packaging, Luxilon’s packaging was just plain ugly.  Until now, that is.

For 2010, Luxilon’s packaging received a major face-lift.  Finally, the #1 string on tour has outstanding packaging to go along with its outstanding playability.  Now, all aspects of the Luxilon brand scream of high-quality professionalism.

Luxilon Big Banger Alu Power

Luxilon Big Banger Packaging

Luxilon M2 Pro

Luxilon M2 Packaging

Luxilon Adrenaline

Luxilon Adrenaline Packaging

As seen above, Luxilon has three different packaging themes to go along with its three different families of string.  (See related post “New Luxilon String:  Adrenaline“.)

  1. The largest and most popular family is the Big Banger family of strings – based on Luxilon’s poly-ether-ether technology.  All Big Banger strings have the new blue packaging shown above.
  2. The relatively new (a little over a year) M2 family of strings is based on Luxilon’s variable flex technology, or “Multi-Mono Technology and has the new yellow packaging shown above.
  3. The very new (just hitting the market) Adrenaline string – based on Liquid Crystalline Polymer Technology, is currently the only string in this “family”.  Adrenaline has the new gray packaging shown above.

As Luxilon matures as a brand, it appears that their branding strategy is maturing as well.  I love the new packaging and the added level of professionalism they’re adding to their brand.  This new packaging combined with what I believe are the best playing polys on the market (particularly Big Banger Alu Power Rough) makes me even more of a die-hard Luxilon fan.

I just hope their prices don’t go up to cover the cost of the new packaging.

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