Dynamic Tension Recorded for All Client Stringjobs

With the recent purchase of my Beers ERT 300 Tennis Computer, I now have the ability to measure Dynamic Tension of the stringbed on all stringjobs for clients.  I’m sure this conjures up a couple of questions…

1.  What is Dynamic Tension?
2.  What does this mean to me?

What is Dynamic Tension?
In very simple terms, Dynamic Tension (DT) is the measurement of the tension of the overall stringbed – not the tension of an individual string – at any given time.

In somewhat simple terms (translated from German, so the wording is a little awkward), it is the stiffness of the stringbed that effects during the ball impact of any racquet.

In more complex terms, it is ball power in kilo pond (kp) required to depress the stringbed one centimeter at the sweet spot (ball impact).

What Does This Mean to Me?
If you are a current (or future) client of Inspired Tennis, you’ll benefit greatly from DT measurement. 

Consistency – I’ll take a DT measurement as soon as your racquet comes off my stringing machine, and I’ll record the measurement in my database.  Then, when I do your next stringjob, I’ll compare the new DT measurement to the previous one(s).  Assuming I follow my rigorous standards for stringing consistently, the DT measurement should be spot-on, and thus you can rest assured you’re getting consistently playing stringbeds time after time.

Tension Loss – Like I mentioned above, I’ll record the DT measurement immediately after stringing your racquet.  Then, at any given time thereafter, you can bring your racquet by, and I’ll take another measurement to determine how much tension has been lost.  This will help you determine when it is time to re-string.  (For my long distance stringing clients, or any player for that matter, I recommend purchasing your own ERT 300 and carrying it in your tennis bag.  If you’re serious about your game, it is a small investment at approximately $170.)

I’m excited to offer this additional service on all stringjobs. 

Thanks for checking in.


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