Client Spotlight: Joe Hanna

An Inspired Tennis client since Summer 2009, Joe Hanna is an extremely talented 4.0 player who is probably much closer to the 4.5 level – given the fact that he went undefeated in South Regency Tennis Center’s Summer and Fall Men’s 4.0 Singles Leagues.  (And as of this writing, Joe is off to a 4-0 start in our Winter League.)  Joe will be playing #1 singles on our 4.0 USTA team for the upcoming 2010 season, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see him post an outstanding record and get bumped to 4.5 for next year.

Joe has one of the best forehands I’ve seen in a long while.  Not necessarily the best in terms of sheer power, but one of the best in terms of the combination of power, topspin, placement, and consistency.  Don’t get me wrong…  Joe can rip clean winners when he needs to, but what is truly amazing is quality of his forehand combined with his steadines.  I mean, the guy just doesn’t miss.  He has a solid backhand, but he just doesn’t have to use it much – as he is fast enough to run around the forehand on most occasions.

Joe uses an older Wilson Hyper Pro Staff Tour 6.1 with the following string setup:

Mains:  Luxilon Big Banger Alu Power Fluoro
Mains Tensions:  55 lbs.
Crosses:  Luxilon Big Banger Alu Power Fluoro
Corsses Tension 55 lbs.

With his primarily baseline game (I think I can count the number of volleys I’ve seen Joe hit on one hand) and heavy topspin strokes with fast racquet head speed, a full bed of a polyester string like Luxilon is perfect for Joe.  It allows him to take big, fast cuts at the ball yet still keep it within the lines. 

Joe plays out of South Regency Tennis Center in Springboro, Ohio.

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