Client Spotlight: Cam Woliver

Cam Woliver, a former Divison I player, is the newest Inspired Tennis client.

Cam hadn’t played tennis for several years, but just picked up his sticks again this past Fall.  Since he’d been out of the game for several years, Cam was granted approval by the Midwest Section of the USTA to play 4.0 League Tennis for the 2010 season.  Having played with Cam a great deal recently, I think he will climb up to 4.5 and possibly 5.0 before too long – as his game is coming back to him quickly.

Cam, unlike many top players these days, has an incredible all-court game.  He can stay at the baseline and hit heavy topspin groundies with the best of the baseliners, and he is also a volleying machine with amazing touch.

Cam recently began playing with Babolat Pure Drives, and he is currently using a hybrid stringjob as follows:

Mains:  Topspin Cyber Flash 17G (or Tecnifibre Polyspin 17G)
Mains Tension:  53 lbs.
Crosses:  Tecnifibre Synthetic Gut 16G
Crosses Tension:  57 lbs.

This is proving to be a nice hybrid for Cam’s game.  The Cyber Flash mains allow him, with his fast racquet head speed, to hit his heavy topspin groundies, while the Tecnifibre Synthetic Gut crosses soften the overall stringbed slightly and give him great touch on his volleys.

Cam plays out of South Regency Tennis Center in Springboro, OH.

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