Tiger? Not Roger?

Today, Tiger Woods was named the AP’s Athlete of the Decade – finishing ahead of Lance Armstrong, Roger Federer, and several other world famous athletes.  Don’t get me wrong…  The top three – Tiger, Lance, and Roger –  are all very deserving of this title, but when I heard the radio newsperson begin to talk about the “athlete of the decade”, the name that instantly popped into my mind was “Roger Federer”.  Not just because I am so passionate about tennis – because I am also a huge cycling fan, and I have enjoyed watching Tiger over the years –  but simply because I believe Roger’s on-court accomplishments are more impressive than any other athlete’s accomplishments.  Take a look at what Roger achieved during the last decade…

  • Roger has won 15 Grand Slam titles – more than any other player in history.
  • Roger won 5 consecutive Wimbledon titles – tying Bjorn Borg’s open era record.
  • Roger is 1 of only 6 men to win the Career Grand Slam.
  • Roger has won 6 Wimbledon titles – second only to Pete Sampras (7) and William Renshaw (before the open era).
  • Roger holds the open era record for most consecutive U.S. Opens (5).
  • Roger is the only male player in history to win 5 consecutive titles at 2 different Grand Slam tournaments.
  • Roger has achieved an all-time male record of getting to 22 consecutive Grand Slam semifinals (2004 Wimbledon to Present).  The previous record was 10!

These are just some of the highlights.  Check out Roger’s Career Achievements Page on Wikipedia.  The list is impressive and goes on and on and on.

Again, nothing against Tiger and Lance – both are absolutely tremendous athletes who have amazing accomplishments, but if I had a say in this thing, my vote would have undoubtedly gone to RF.

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