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Tiger? Not Roger?

Tweet Today, Tiger Woods was named the AP’s Athlete of the Decade – finishing ahead of Lance Armstrong, Roger Federer, and several other world famous athletes.  Don’t get me wrong…  The top three – Tiger, Lance, and Roger –  are all very deserving of this title, but when I heard the radio newsperson begin to […]

Three Ways To Tell If Your Polyester Tennis Strings Are Dead

Tweet For certain styles of play, polyester tennis strings provide amazing playability  – great control and plenty of spin, but most polys lose tension and playability fairly quickly.  But just how quickly?  And how do you know when your polyester tennis strings are dead? To address the first question…  It depends.  Different polys lose tension […]

How to Find the Perfect String Tension: Experiment

Tweet I often get asked by clients, “What is the best string tension for me?”, and I often answer by saying, “I don’t know – we’ll have to experiment.” I’ve been around tennis long enough and have enough knowledge about strings and stringing that I can usually get a new client’s string setup pretty darn […]

Next Step: USTA 4.5

Tweet I have never been one to dabble much with science.  Beakers, chemicals, and formulations have never been of much interest to me.  I don’t own a lab coat, and I definitely don’t remember much about the Periodic Table of Elements from my high school days.  Nevertheless, I am going to conduct an experiment.  Not in […]

Polyester Tennis Strings: The Choice of the Pros

Tweet Walk into any stringing room on the pro tour – especially on the men’s side, and you’ll see polyester tennis string…  tons of it.  Polyester tennis strings, commonly referred to as polys, have almost completely replaced natural gut as the string choice of the pros.  (Note:  Many pros still use natural gut as the […]

Roger Federer’s String Setup

Tweet Roger Federer, arguably the best tennis player of all-time, plays with an interesting hybrid string setup in his Wilson KSix-One racquets.  Most other top pros who play with hybrid string setups use polyester-based strings in the mains and natural gut in the crosses.  Fed does the opposite.  He uses Wilson Natural Gut (actually produced […]

Does Your Stringer String Around the World?

Tweet While it would be sexier and more exciting if I was, for the subject of this post, referring to stringing around the world at Grand Slam and Masters Series events in Melbourne, Paris, London, Monte Carlo, Rome, Miami, and New York, unfortunately I am not.  Instead, I am referring to stringing an Around the World (ATW) string […]